Jobst & Charlotte Bittner, Founders and Leaders

Jobst and Charlotte Bittner are founders and leaders of TOS Ministries. Right from the beginning of their ministry, their hearts have been for the outcasts of society, both in Germany and other nations.

They initiated a reconciliation march from Berlin to Moscow in 1993 that brought thousands to Jesus and birthed a special connection to Belarus.

1997 saw the establishing of a highly successful rehab center for drug addicts as well as an ambulatory ministry. By now there are also ambulatory rehab programs for drug additcts in Greece and Siberia.

At the same time, the vision was born for 50 transformation houses for street children in Latin America. Starting in 1998, they established transformation houses for street children and a day care center in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay. The vision is to give these children a home and the chance for a successful future.


Main Office:
Markranstädter Str. 1
04229 Leipzig, Germany
Tel: +49 - 341 - 9615881


Office Tübingen:
Eisenbahnstr. 124
72072 Tübingen, Germany 
Tel: +49 - 7071 - 364386


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Banking Connection

Account 35 22 000
Bank Code 860 205 00
IBAN DE58860205000003522000
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Leipzig


for Switzerland:
Postfinance Basel
Kto 91-6882 16-4 EUR
IBAN: CH6509000000916882164